Wirtschaftsspiegel 2020: Climate is for everyone

Advertising agency von Schickh meets publisher Baden TV: two teams, one mission – Wirtschaftsspiegel 2020. Both teams work hand in hand every year to publish this business magazine. Even on the latest issue, which is published despite Corona.

It’s getting hotter and hotter, heat records are breaking and we haven’t had snow in the region for a long time. Climate and environment protection, this is the main topic of the 63rd Wirtschaftsspiegel of the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe.

The magazine comes from our agency: idea, coordination, texts, layout – everything from one source. Always under the direction of Baden TV.

Either a personal interview with TRK-boss Jochen Ehlgötz and managing director of EnBW, Dr. Frank Mastiaux, or the question how Corona changed our daily business and society and what we’ve learned from the crisis. Our editorial team is versatile, creative, and always on point.

The text is written but the layout not ready yet, but this is what makes an article complete. And when our colleagues are really on their toes, the digital pencil is sharpened and the Markgraf of Baden is illustrated.

Publisher: #BadenTV
Overall production: #WerbeagenturvonSchickh
Printer: #Stober

TO DO: concept, layout, editorial, text, photography, graphics, illustration, overall production

Take a look:

Wirtschaftsspiegel 2020 Cover