MAX#3: They dare something!

Outside it looks progressive and modern, but don’t judge a book by its cover: Inside the 3rd edition of MAX, the health magazine of Max Grundig Klinik, deals with the progress made in oncology: Prof. Dr. med. Clemens Unger reports about the latest results fighting cancer, as well as prevention.
We get a deep insight into the human heart with Prof. Dr. med. Peter Huppert, explaining how computed tomography scan works. And we’re all going to be mountaineers: We follow Ralf Dujmovits on his trip to the highest mountains in the world.
During our interview with famous pop singer Madeline Willers you get to know her and realise: She is pretty smart!
Did you ever hear about 16:8? This is not the result of a disappointing football game, it’s the magic formula for the latest diet, called “intermittent fasting”. The idea and how it works we’re going to show at page 62.

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