Max Grundig Clinic: Happy to see you again

Amid the 80s, the legendary businessman Max Grundig acquired the former sanitarium on the Bühlerhöhe, right next to the Schwarzwaldhochstraße. It was rebuild based on his ideas into a place of rest and ease, without loud words; Max Grundig Clinic.

At the beginning of 2017 we started relaunching the clinic’s image. The old and familiar signet remained, everything else was renewed. The goal: to give the appearance the professionality (they work with state-of-the-art technology), strength, and vivacity it deserves. “A wonderful place to get well!”, according to Prof. Diehm, the Chief Medical Officer of the clinic.

Consolidation was the first step, out of lengthy brochures evolved topic folders that get to the point: bright, friendly, inviting, intelligible, reduced. For the photo series we stayed on the Bühlerhöhe to get the best light in the morning and capture the sunset in the evening. We took photos of everything: salad plates, stuff-portraits, rooms, suites, laboratory, hallways, garden, kitchen, personnel, guests – everything! And everything authentic, no models.

Why so many pictures? For MAX, the health magazine. Created and invented by us for the patients, guests, managers, and everyone who is interested in health and nutrition. Extensive photo galleries, vividly illustrated and written, to encourage diving into challenging topics such as cancer research. Two times a year. 30,000 copies. We are currently working on the 5th edition.

At the same time the website was completely redesigned. In four languages and with a special page for the Arab and Russian guests. Modern screen design and cool effects.

All in all: Relaunch completely successful! Happy to see you again.