Happy 30th anniversary: Cookies for everyone!

30 years and not a bit older! On the contrary. Schmuckgalerie KARAT is as young as on the first day. You can see on the great pictures we took for their anniversary catalogue. Fresh, funky, lots of tattoos and extraordinary employees. Anything but old-fashioned.

The look towards future but for their CEO it is also important to tell the history of KARAT. In the new booklet, it gets enough space to be told. The jewellery’s owner, Andrea Janson, wants to thank her employees, her partners, customers and companions who have been loyal to the business located in Ettlingen for the last 30 years.

What should not be missing at a birthday party? Cake! Right! The Schmuckgalerie KARAT is inviting you: there are great vouchers – of course matching the catalogue’s design – which can be redeemed for delicious cakes or Törtchen at Café Erbprinz.

TO DO: Conception, Logo, Corporate Design, Website, Print

Take a look:

30 Jahre KARAT Cover