Glamourous visit: Singer Madeline Willers for an interview in Ettlingen

It’s a Friday in February, shortly after 1pm, when the door opens and surprisingly shy, famous singer Madeline Willers enters our loft.

It is a warm and hearty welcome, no trace of airs and graces.

Madeline Willers is from Wüstenrot near Heilbronn and came all the way to Ettlingen to give an interview. A cup of tea later, she is standing in front of our camera and the interview is running.

We’re having a good time, there is a lot of laughing – and at the end we get a private concert: Our colleague Elena Emmert has rehearsed a song for today’s interview. “You make me stronger” (“Du machst mich stärker”) resounds in duet through the office. Both talented singers get standing ovations.

By the way, matching the Madeline Willers style – always wearing black and white – is our office dog Lola. For both of them it was love at first sight.