Competences: Brand, Design, Event

Kompetenzen: Wir können nicht nur Werbung. Wir können auch Events

We don’t blind you, we show you the way: that’s why we position brands and companies.
Conceptual strenght, eloquent, design-oriented, well experienced in programming. With a passion for our regional clients and longstanding expertise in the international event business, product presentations and road shows.

We also take on single tasks or very complex projects, depending on the remits. This could be a claim or a whole new marketing concept. An image brochure or a magazine with an editorial plan, interviews, editorial work and photography direction. Logo development or the complete creation of a corporate design. Scenography or the full-service event starting from the overall guest-management to the event website and also planning and organizing audio and lights and coordinating all the trades. We are an interdisciplinary team which works together and has an impressive network.

Special competences: we can illustrate by hand. We have an extensive experience in the development of training concepts (e.g. for the automotive industry).

branchenIndustry experiences: banking and insurance, automotive industry, food,
engineering, cosmetics, mechatronics, medical science and travelling.

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76275 Ettlingen, Germany
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