Sabine Edle von Schickh (Head of Agency) relies on the creative output of mixed teams instead dividing between strict design, consultation, text and programming. „When passionate concept designers and production specialists with heart and soul meet each other, everyone profits, especially the clients “

The business graduate developed successful marketing concepts and campaigns for the Beiersdorf Group and luxurious Swiss cosmetic brands in the beginning of her career. The differentiated positioning of products and companies has been the golden thread throughout the 24 years: automotive industry, engineering, medical science, cosmetics, associations and services.

Sabine_Profil01Language, neologism, dramaturgy and concept creation are her passion and her three children the biggest treasure and inspiration for her company HeartNAPPER which is the only jewelry label for kids worldwide that works exclusively with certificated and environmentally friendly obtained gold and silver.

The advertising agency was established in 1993 by Sabine Edle von Schickh.

Since 2006 an event unit under the leadership of Andreas Lütke is part of the agency.

We love to work for our clients and we see us as advisors and as strong execution-driven providers.

Jessica Schinhofen

Business succession regulated: Change of the managing director not only before a notary.


Everything notarially certified? Indeed! But also have to make it public on the Internet and all other channels, as a matter of fact for both, father and son Felzmann. Under the motto “#kommafelzn” we accompany E.F.R. Dental Technic along its pioneering steps.


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It doesn’t matter how small or big the challenge is, you need the idea.
When we match we move on to the details.

We create an overarching concept and also realize individual measures with the same aspiration – for the perfect brochure, for the perfect corporate identity with a unique position, for the perfect website with responsive design and for the perfect event. For YOUR perfect event.

This is what we are: We support a lot of our clients since day one.
We prove loyality in every process status. We show liability in timing and budgeting.
As mentioned before, our boldness to question the standard and to fight for the best decision. And this for over 25 years.

We love to work for our clients and we see us as advisors and as strong execution-driven providers.

Jessica Schinhofen

We don’t blind you, we show you the way: that’s why we position brands and companies.
Conceptual strenght, eloquent, design-oriented, well experienced in programming. With a passion for our regional clients and longstanding expertise in the international event business, product presentations and road shows.

We also take on single tasks or very complex projects, depending on the remits. This could be a claim or a whole new marketing concept. An image brochure or a magazine with an editorial plan, interviews, editorial work and photography direction. Logo development or the complete creation of a corporate design. Scenography or the full-service event starting from the overall guest-management to the event website and also planning and organizing audio and lights and coordinating all the trades. We are an interdisciplinary team which works together and has an impressive network.

Special competences: we can illustrate by hand. We have an extensive experience in the development of training concepts (e.g. for the automotive industry).

branchenIndustry experiences: banking and insurance, automotive industry, food,
engineering, cosmetics, mechatronics, medical science and travelling.

Pforzheimer Straße 134
76275 Ettlingen, Germany
Phone +49-7243-71100-0
Fax +49-7243-71100-29

Jessica Schinhofen