Abbott: See life to the max

As a high-tech health company from Silicon Valley, California, with over 70.000 employees Abbot follows one goal: Bringing innovation to life, to help patients and doctors. Natural products and complex medical technologies stand for this approach.

Ettlingen in Baden-California is the location of Abbott Medical Optics: Producer of the Lasik-Technology, lenses for eye surgery as well as contact lense liquids.
Information platform for doctors and patients. In several languages. With special log-in area for doctors. To do’s: conceptional work, design, Typo3 programming.

What the hell with Abbott PR?
Why would you get your eyes lasered? How do you build up confidence in a company and a technology that affects one of the most important sensory organs: the human eye? To do’s: developement of an international PR-strategy pimary for patients. Development of the necessary tools. Overall coordination of all trades and contracters.